Sheila Kadeer

Soul Mate Manifestation Course

Learn how to clear your blockages to love and be in the best possible vibration to attract your soul mate relationship into your life.

Sheila Kadeer

Angel Practitioner Course

Angel Practitioner Course Coming Soon!

Sheila Kadeer

Empath and Starseed Healing Course

Empath and Starseed Healing Course. This is a deep clearing course where you we will clear your energy fields of any blocks that are holding you back energetically and intuitively. This will re set your energy and can be used whenever needed.

Sheila Kadeer

Meditation Essentials for Sensitive Souls

Meditation Essentials for Sensitive Souls, Empaths, Lightworkers and Starseeds.

Sheila Kadeer

Manifest Your Ideal Clients for your Soul Led Business

Meditation to manifest your ideal clients for your soul led business.