Angel Practitioner Course

taught by Sheila Kadeer
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Sheila Kadeer
Sheila Kadeer
Curator of the Sensitive Soul Academy

About the instructor

Sheila is an international psychic medium, NLP master practitioner, hypnotherapist, past life regression and future life progression therapist.  She is also a Master Angel Practitioner and Angel Teacher certified by Diana Cooper.

She has been working with clients for 20 years to help them reach their full potential.

She has worked as a Police Officer and Private Investigator as well as spending many years working for major IT corporations.

During her career as a psychic she was a studio psychic on Psychic Today and has hosted her own weekly psychic radio show on A1R Radio.

Sheila has also published her own Oracle Card Deck called The Sensitive Soul Wisdom Cards which can be found here Sensitive Soul Wisdom Cards.

The Sensitive Soul Academy is a place for lightworkers, empaths and sensitive souls to develop their gifts, learn new skills and grow spiritually.

This is the online version of my six day in person course.

In this course you will:

  • Learn how to work effectively and easily with the Angelic realms
  • Learn how to attract clients and all that you need to develop your business
  • Learn how to give Angel Readings, Angel Healing sessions and Mediumship in person and remotely.

On this course you will learn how to clear people at a deep level through releasing old energies and restrictions from them in many different ways. You will learn the skills of working with energy and reaching the energies and auras of your clients, including animals.  You will also be releasing any fears or blockages that are holding you back at this time or that are preventing you from using these talents more fully.

We will use meditation and healing techniques to increase all of your psychic and intuitive skills and your ability to manifest.

There is an exam at the end of the course and all successful students will receive the Angel Practitioner Certificate once they have completed 20 readings or healing sessions.

Don't underestimate the power of the angelic realms, this course is exciting, enlightening and will take your intuitive abilities to new heights.

Course Contents

1 Text
9 Audios

Course Curriculum

Introduction to the Angel Practitioner Course
Drawing out negative energy with Archangel Michael
Third Eye Clearing
Removal of Curses, Daggers and the effects of Psychic Attack
Deeper Cord Cutting
Taoist Meditation Practices
Past Life Regression
Manifestation Meditation
Future Life Progression
Angel Practitioner Workbook